We’ve made 4 LessonPop apps available as a Free treat for teachers! Check out 1 each of our Reading, Writing, and 2 Twitter apps- 4 in all- and see how LessonPop can save you time and money, and make your teaching life so much easier. No more hours spent trying to figure out how to teach a skill- researching at the library and online, and buying books and materials that end up as costly experiments!

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Be sure to install the free LessonPop Desktop Viewer below—> in order to use your new apps. Our apps are so easy to use- even if you are not the “savviest” computer user. We’ve created a quick video for guidance on what to do once you click “Download Now” icon.  If you would rather read how to do it, click here for instructions.

Step 1:  

Step 2:  Download LessonPop’s Desktop Viewer  http://lessonpop.com/Viewer/LessonPopDesktop.air












Step 3:  Watch The How-To Video: